Freelancing, A Fast-Growing Career

Freelancing is becoming a major source of income for the unemployed, educated, and outsiders around the world and a preferred occupation for a large number of young people. This is because freelancing gives young people full freedom to choose the type of work, the employer, the place, and the working hours. In contrast, the employer has to work according to the employer’s set working hours, office, and current office rules.

What are the Most in Demand Skills for Freelancing?

According to a 2017 survey by up work and the Freelancers Union, the world’s largest freelancing website, the source of income for 57.3 million people in the United States is freelancing. They make up 36% of the US total workforce and add 1.4 trillion dollars annually to the US economy. According to the survey, 54% of those employed in the United States believe that their current job will be lost in the next 20 years, and they will become unemployed. In light of this, the survey predicts that the rate at which Americans are moving toward freelancing will continue if this trend continues. So in the next ten years, freelancing will become the largest job-providing industry in the United States.

Trend of Freelancing:

The trend of freelancing is growing rapidly not only in the United States but also in Asia. Unemployment is a big problem in an economy like Asia. In 2016, there were 5.3 million unemployed people in Asia, according to the Institute for Policy Reforms. This means that the unemployment rate in Asia is actually 8.5%, contrary to the government’s claim of 6%. The rate was at a 13-year high. In addition, it is feared that this has increased over the past two years. Among them, educated unemployed youth are turning to freelance.

Which Skills are in Demand in Up work:

According to government estimates, more than 150,000 people in Asia do freelancing, contributing a billion dollars to the country’s economy. According to statistics, Asians are fifth on the world’s largest freelancing website, Up work and third on Thus, Asian ranks fourth among the countries with the highest average freelancing in the world.

The World Wide Web has moved away from the traditional way of looking for jobs to new sources, where people can find work that suits them. There are countless opportunities to work on the web. There are an estimated 15,000 IT companies in Asia, with about 10,000 IT graduates entering the market each year. Up workers and freelancers bid on every project, so they can find freelancers for their desired work anywhere in the world.

Freelance Pioneer Technology:

According to the Pioneer Freelancer Survey, freelancers work 34 hours a day, five days a week. The world averages 36 hours, or 7.2 hours a day. Some of these freelancers work part-time while some full work time. Kenyan freelancers work a maximum of 42.6 hours a week. In second place are the Egyptians, who work 38.5 hours.

Some jobs in freelancing are paying the most, such as freelancers providing legal services earning an average of $31 an hour, and sales and marketing people earning $21 an hour. Similarly, writing or translating articles earns an average of $17 per hour. Most Asian freelancers bid on IT and programming freelancing websites. These programmers, mostly mobile, web, database, game programming developers, usually earn21 $ to $23 per hour in Q&A testing.

Earn Good Money from Your Work:

In social media marketing, SEO is paid 20 per hour. Interestingly, women are being paid more than men in freelancing. Most work is done on web designing all over the world, including Asia. Then comes the graphic design and then the writing number. Freelancing requires excellent skills, ethics, and discipline. Some people believe that more money can be made. Freelancing is a way for you to start a new company, but to be a good freelancer, you need to have organized, honest and professional thinking. Is. The initial tasks of freelancing may take you a few months, but as you gain momentum, your hard work begins to pay off.

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