How To Start Your Own Online Business?

Electronic commerce has been around the world for a long time, and the shops and markets of the future, everything will be digital. Although work on e-commerce began in Pakistan in 2000 and some export-oriented and other companies have shifted their business to the Internet, there is still a big difference between the modern world and the local market. E-commerce is not yet a thing of the past in our malls, and business is still going on here in the traditional way.

Attempts are being made to modernize the business in some places, but the ‘hardware’ has been bought a lot, but we are still far from the process of digitizing the business.

Does equipping the business with IT to mean composing/emailing a few computers, creating a half-page of the company on social media, or setting up a simple website?

Digitizing the business reduces the ‘option cost’ of the company, but in this way, the company is not getting any benefit from IT; on the contrary, millions of rupees are being spent on maintenance/salaries of the company annually.

What are the reasons to not follow the Trend?

There are many reasons for not following the latest trends. Unfortunately, the majority of business owners are less inclined to attend business, read books, attend workshops, and seminars. If asked why he did not attend the seminar, the answer is that there is no time to do anything, but political/religious events, fashion shows, movies, stage dramas are watched every week. More than 90% of business owners have a TV on in their office. The favorite topics of the majority are current affairs, foreign relations, and global conspiracies instead of business development.

New Inventions are very necessary for Your Business:

If you are already involved in the business (goods/services), and you are still running your business in the old and traditional way, then you may face difficulties in the near future, because now your competition is your traditional with competitors as well as technology.

Gone are the days when people only came to the market to shop, and the one who had a good and big shop in the market was always successful. “Ancient Shop,” “Original Shop,” Founded since 1905, today’s consumer is not intimidated by these things.

Now people are getting goods/services from thousands of kilometers away on TV sitting at home. Modern technology is rapidly changing everything.

In addition to the contract work, there are many other jobs that people are forced to do just so that the job is not lost, and the salary they receive after a month is so low. Yes, it is spent in one day.

Employment And Limited Income:

Most employers complain that you do as good a job as you want in the office, but you don’t get paid for it, because their salary is fixed, which has nothing to do with their performance. The rule in very few offices is that if you do a better job, your salary may be higher.

For such reasons, the majority of employers appear to be frustrated and frustrated. They are also working and complaining. In a country like Pakistan, if you want to be rich or financially prosperous, it is very difficult, if not impossible, for you to do it with a job and a halal salary. No one can do it except a few people.

The Meaning And Benefits Of E-Commerce:

If you are already operating a business or you want to start a new business, you must get information about e-commerce. With the basics of e-commerce, it will be easier for you to decide whether or not to take a step in that direction.

The meaning of e-commerce in Urdu is electronic commerce. Simply put, buying and selling goods or services through an online website is called e-commerce. Due to its many benefits, this concept has become very popular all over the world.

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