What Are The Different Ways We Can Make Money On Facebook?

Like everyone else, the question will surely be on your mind, “What are the ways we can make money from Facebook?” ۔ Or maybe we are shown only and only sweet dreams, which have no meaning. Maybe the people who are making money from Facebook, and they also make us videos of them, and are shouting on YouTube all day, that it is no longer impossible to make money from Facebook. But why are only those people earning? There is no servant of Allah around us who is making money from Facebook, but here we are spending money by packaging Facebook.

Can You Earn Money From Facebook:

This is what we keep hearing from the group admins around us that we have sacrificed all our earnings on Facebook packages. He has not earned a single rupee yet. This is all nonsense. If money could be made from Facebook, then we would be millionaires today. We would be in cars, and we wouldn’t face the little slave. Everyone is lying. Don’t pay attention to their nonsense.

But still, whenever we watch YouTube videos, how to make money from Facebook. So the desire to make money is awakened in our hearts again, and once again, this attraction begins in our mind that once brother listens to them.?”

How do You Make Money From Facebook Page Likes:

Get out of these dreams and come to the real world. No task in the world is easy. But it is possible. If everyone is making videos on YouTube, then something will happen. Is there a way? After all, are they all crazy? Must someone have made money from Facebook? There must be away. Which can make money from Facebook? If there really is away, then what’s the point of trying it out? Let me show you how to make money from Facebook, which requires both hard work and patience. If you can do this, read the next article, otherwise, end the story here, and focus on your work, because this writing is not for you again, nor can you benefit from it.

Different Ways To Make Money:
  • The first way to make money from Facebook is to create a Facebook page. After creating the Facebook page, you can add the video again and remember that the video is not in the Urdu language, because the Urdu language has not been added to it yet. It is better to include an English language video on it. You can insert any type of video in it. First, you download YouTube videos and share them on Facebook. Send page liking notifications to as many people as possible. You need at least 10,000 (ten thousand) followers for this purpose and one minute watch time for three minutes video.
  • The second method is instant articles, in which you write short articles, but for these articles, you need a website. Now you buy a domain and hosting, that’s what you do for free at Blogger. It depends on you. Here’s a little more to say that you can earn more from the website. If you can write good articles in English. Write your article and post it on your website. It will automatically appear on Facebook and will be advertised.
  • Third, create a group with as many members as you can. Then you share your page or website in this group. More and more views will come. The more traffic you have, the more income you will make, but for instant articles, you must have a page at least one month old, and yes, it doesn’t matter if you have likes or followers. Just the page must be one month old.

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