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  • Can only programmers, developers, designers work on the internet, Up work, freelancer, and Fiverr?

Many of us learn programming, web development, designing to earn money online. However, their field is Commerce, Medical, and Engineers. A hobby is different, but it is fun to work, which is your field and the field for which you have studied in college and university for five or six years. Work in this field, and earn from it online.

I am saddened when I see an unemployed person, and more than sad, it is heartening to mourn the loss of this person’s intellect. Who has a computer? There is the internet to run Facebook, but still unemployed. Nowadays, even Valle people are earning up to Rs 3,000 a day by playing Ludo Star, Etball Pool.

What Field Are These Professional Degree Holders?

The current era is changing with IT, and in two or three more years, your study and your job will all be online. Or at least it will be connected. So why wait for the time to come? Why not take the initiative, but when did the initiative take place?

Admittedly, online learning is in high demand for programming, web development, designing, but now there are plenty of people from other fields in the field, and most of them are students in the field of commerce. , Virtual Assistant, Accounting, Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Ledger, Final, Bookkeeping, almost all the tasks are found on Five and Up work. And especially those who have mastered marketing can rule in the field of online.

A Trend Of Online Tutoring:

Arts students and especially those who teach in academies with an MA, can earn even better online. Article writing, proofreading, essay writing. Business documents can be found on Task Force and up work. Medical students can do a lot in blogging. In addition, such websites and applications are also being created where they charge patients online for advice and treatment, and in engineering, whether civil or electrical IT, they are a must-see on AutoCAD Task Fire and Up work.

Here’s a look at some of the freelancing you can do based on your education.

Now let’s talk about productivity, where there are no restrictions for you, and where you can do anything based on your education, whether you’re a commerce student, an art student, a medical student, or an engineer. And the work is such that the children are also working in it and earning a good living, and that is, blogging, and YouTube. Think about it, a medical student is blogging on technology, and an engineering student is blogging on health.

Blog related to Your Field:

Create a blog on your field, who better to understand your field than you. He has a higher CPC rate. There is a lot of word searching. The fleet will sink, both yours and your visitors’. The point is, you can create a blog on commerce. You can create a blog on engineering. You can create a blog on health. The whole world does not study IT. Similarly, Urdu and English writers can also run education, current affairs, and news blogs well.

How You Can Make It A Beacon For Online Earning:

Like blogging, YouTube is also called video logging. In it you can make good videos, tutorials with your education in mind, and last but not least, the headline made you read this article. And last but not least, the headline made you read this article. According to him, I guided a little, but you know more than me the importance of your education and its scope. So open the closed windows of the mind and the paths that have been paved on the basis of education. Follow them. If not, here’s a new product just for you! Let it not be too late, and let someone else make it this way.

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